Open media. Open communities.

Roscoe Labs is working to give digital media a brighter future.

Our approach is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary, since we believe the best solutions lie at the nexus of art and science. It simply won't do anymore for content-driven media companies to slough off development of new digital tools, or for engineer-led tech companies to be oblivious to the work of content creators.

Together we can do better than that. Just watch.

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Need help with your project?

Roscoe Labs may be able to help. Drop us an email today to see how our experienced team can help with your organization's development and strategic needs.

Beams v0.1.2 is here!

The latest beta version of our open framework for developing media websites is faster, more responsive, and more focused on the needs of our core audience than ever.

Taking on the New York Times HTTPS challenge

The Roscoe team is committed to meeting — and exceeding — the NYT's challenge last fall to the news industry to publish content using the secure HTTPS standard.