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Roscoe Labs is a different kind of media company.

We're focused on the needs of both creators and consumers of great digital content. In serving those users, we take a more collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to product development and services than our peers.

We strongly believe the future of media lies at the nexus of art and science. It simply won't do anymore for content-driven media companies to slough off development of new digital tools to Silicon Valley, or for engineer-led tech companies to be oblivious to the work of journalists, filmmakers, writers, and other creatives.

Together we can do better than that. Just watch.

Introducing the Beams framework

Beams is our new open-source framework for building media-rich websites. The alpha version includes an ultraresponsive front-end module, a Node.js server module, and a plugin to display ads. In other words, it's a full-stack product designed to support both the creative and business needs of publishers of all sizes. Learn more.

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Our team

Roscoe Labs is a founder-led company with deep experience in the media space. Find out more about us.

The Roscoe founders at work


Our team accepts -- and greatly appreciates -- crowdsourced donations to support our development of open software.

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