Independent publishing for all

Roscoe Labs is a founder-led company dedicated to helping digital publishers of all sizes thrive technically, economically, and creatively on their own distribution channels.

Our flagship product is the Beams framework for publishing websites securely via the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS is now advocated by developers at Google, the Mozilla Foundation, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and more as a tool to protect user privacy.

Beams is free to use under MIT license, so you can download it and begin using it in your projects today. Visit us on GitHub for a handy "getting started" guide or to contribute code, bug reports, or ideas to the project.

If you would like Roscoe Labs to help your business or organization implement HTTPS, please drop us an email. We're glad to talk more about your needs.

Our approach to development is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary. We believe it simply won't do anymore for content companies to slough off development of new digital tools, or for tech companies to be oblivious to key needs of content creators.

Together we can do better than that. Just watch.