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Why we must encrypt all the news

The media industry should take Apple's battle with the FBI as a cue to take stronger precautions against a privacy crisis of our own. That starts with wider use of encryption to protect users and sources... >>

Bootstrapping Project Spectrum

Today we're launching a crowdfunding campaign for Project Spectrum, our exciting new effort to promote encrypted publishing of news.... >>

Additional Benchmark Tests for Beams

We've just run an additional round of benchmark tests on this site, using it as an indicator of the performance offered by the Beams framework in general... >>

Much Faster Beams

Beams v0.2.5, our latest update, ratchets up its server performance to go with the same default HTTPS support as before. It's truly the best of both worlds...>>

An HTTPS version of Beams

Today we release Beams v0.2.0, an update that we believe represents a major milestone for the framework. In this version, we've added support for HTTPS by default, to enhance privacy for users as they consume the news... >>

Beams v0.1.2 is here.

Today we're pleased to announce the release of Beams v0.1.2, our free framework for building media websites. This beta release contains key improvements in three broad areas -- responsiveness, speed, and testing... >>

Bundling Beams

We're happy to announce that the v0.1.1 update of Beams, our open framework for building media websites, is now available for download. Major change in this version is that we've consolidated what were previously three code libraries into one, to make Beams more of a one-stop development tool.

It sounds like a small thing, but we think it'll make a big difference in helping people use Beams to get their sites up and running quickly...>>

Yes, we'll do HTTPS.

On its developer blog last week, the New York Times came out as an adamant proponent of using the HTTPS protocol to serve news content on the Web. The post, co-authored by Times developer Eitan Konigsburg, Times CTO Rajiv Pant, and independent digital strategist Elena Kvochko, is definitely worth a read in full. But the jist is that it's increasingly important to protect readers from "man in the middle" eavesdropping on the Web. HTTPS can be a valuable tool to that end... >>

Meet Beams, a better web framework

Today we're elated to publicly release Beams, a free framework for building content-focused, media-rich websites. This version is just an alpha, but we believe it contains the right seeds to become a powerful, full-fledged solution for publishers of all sizes over time... >>

Rebooting Roscoe

Since the earliest days of Roscoe Labs, we've been rethinking the way people create and consume digital media.

Over the last few years, we have brainstormed. Argued. Refined our ideas. Tested our designs with real people. And we launched Roscoe.TV in August 2013, our first public beta release to test our thinking.

Today we're ending that experiment, and we're announcing plans to launch a new flagship product on Monday, April 28, 2014... >>